Wednesday, January 05, 2005

On My Joy Of. . .

Why I Took The Red Pill, Not The Blue-Pill. . .
by The Old Hippie, Because Reality Is Not Always A Truism

One of the trivial ironies of the movie "The Matrix," and current American political reality, is the representative meanings of the colors - Red and Blue.  In the movie, the Red-Pill puts one into
Red or Blue Pill? the real world, and the Blue-Pill puts one back into the blissful, and manufactured, "dreamworld" of the ignorance of reality.  While its creators successfully create a "belief" that one is living within "the" reality, these creators of the manufactured dreams, are parasitically using the blissful Blue-Pill swallowers.  But in our current American political reality, the colors are reversed.  The majority of our "Red" Americans believe they are living a safer existence within the "evils" of the planetary political - and social - forces that are out to destroy their "freedoms" and way of life.  When the tragic reality is that the parasites that have manufactured the illusions, have been massively
profiting from those illusions, profiting in personal wealth, power, position, freedom, security, and "justification," to the very destruction of the dreamer's wealth, power, position, freedom, security, and hopes. . .  To better understand my "joy," just click the "Below The Fold" link below. . .

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All the peoples of the planet, including most of our "Blue" Americans, that live the reality-based life, outside of the manufactured consent of the Red-American-Matrix, are just now beginning to unite in their reactions to the abuses of the parasitic controllers, and to their blissfully ignorant, and manipulated, dreamers. . .  And that, dear readers, is only part of my realized joy at having taken, many years ago - The Red-Pill. . .

Other reasons for my joy of a Red-Pill reality-based life, is that even though they can take away my liberties with laws, can take away my wealth, power, position, freedom, security, hopes, and even my life - The one thing they can not take from me, is my knowledge.  The "old truism" of "knowledge is power" is not a cliché, and it has never had more meaning, at least in the American political reality, than now.


At 5/13/2006 10:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this for real? I saw my friend take a blue pill and wondered what it was. He denied it and I searched the internet for "blue pill". Help.


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