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compiled by The Old Hippie Because "Our" media Won't

Read The insanity of all that has occurred, and is continuing to happen, in America today has surpassed the surreal.  Half of the problem is that half of our nation's citizens are within a well coordinated, and purposeful, state of denial-of-reality of their own destruction, because they truly "believe" that they are doing what is needed to bring on the "2nd coming of Christ," or "The Rapture."  The other half of the problem is that we Americans have allowed corporations to reach such a level of power that they are now able to control the media, to opportunistically control the manipulation of the delusions of the born-again Evangelical bring-on-the-Rapture nut-jobs, to be able to manipulate them into voting for anything the corporations tell their "leaders"
to tell them.  Our own president is a "proud" self-confessed born-again Evangelical Dominionist, as are almost all of his appointees over the last four years, outside of the power-center of the Neo-Cons, which currently are in control of "our" foreign policy.

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All three groups, the corporatists, the Evangelical fundamentalists, and the Neo-Cons, want to destroy any part of "our" Constitutional Democracy that stands in the way of their individual, and shared, agendas.  The reality is not that they are succeeding, it is that they have been allowed to already succeeded.  And in this 2nd term, they have made it clear that they are willing to take that success even further.

Is there anyone rational left who still denies that all in this administration lied us Americans into an illegal war of profit and choice, not defense and freedom?

Is there anyone rational left who still denies that our Constitutional Democracy has been allowed to become a corporatist plutocratic theocracy?  And is becoming more so daily?

Is there anyone rational left who still denies George Bush did not win the election?

Is there anyone rational left who still denies that we are much less "safe" now, after the past 3 years of foreign and domestic policy decisions by this insanely imperial administration?

Is there anyone rational left who still denies that the Evangelical bring-on-the-Rapture nut-jobs, (23% of the American electorate,) are for nuclear conflict, environmental destruction, and the destruction of the entire federal welfare, educational, and tax systems?  Because they "believe" these events were "prophesied" to bring on the "Rapture," and that their helping these things to occur, secures them a place with their God?

Is there anyone rational left who still denies that almost all Evangelicals, (46% of the American electorate,) are also delusional Dominionists?  Including the president of the United States?

Is there anyone rational left who still denies that there is not any difference between the Islamists putting their "Biblical Law" over political governance, and the proposed, now under consideration in our congress, the "Constitution Restoration Act of 2004," which will cause "our" Constitution to be re-written to read that Christian fundamentalist Biblical Law will take precedence over the laws of our own government?

Is there anyone rational left who still denies that there is no longer any "rational" solutions left for us "reality-based" Americans?


At 5/16/2007 5:29 PM, Anonymous Elisabeth said...

No Christians I know WANT nuclear war, but we know it’s coming, given the current events in the Middle East. It brings us no joy to see anyone suffer or die—especially if not a Believer. I have never known anyone who believed they could "bring on" the Rapture. It's at God's discretion, and we know this.

If you’ll go to a website called it explains the correct order of events commonly believed to be coming up in the minds of most of us Nutjobs, and you may find it interesting.

You sound like a bitter man. I’m sorry you’ve undergone whatever turmoil you’ve endured that would give you what sounds like a heart full of cynicism. I hope that you will study these issues more and come to see the truth—that God loves you, that Jesus saved us all if we will only believe, and that you (and everyone) have as much a future in heaven as anyone else, regardless of race, prior beliefs, or history. You are in my prayers.


Elisabeth Klein

At 5/17/2007 3:36 PM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

Ms. Klein,

I’m not an unhappy, nor bitter man.  On the contrary, I’m very happy.  (the old happy hippie...)  I’m married to a beautiful, and intelligent woman named Sonni, who I admit spoils me a bit unduly.  We live in Key West, a small bit of paradise on the southern edge of our nation.  Sonni and I are both atheists.  We don't push our beliefs onto anyone, nor feel pity or anger towards those that do not believe as we do.  (As you do.)  We believe, as did the Founders of this nation that ones beliefs are private, sacred, and no business of the government.   Therefore they rightly protected all religious beliefs with the structure of the Separation of Church and State laws.  (That you wish to destroy “in the name of Jesus.”)  They had lived under the tyranny of the oppression of a state sanctioned religion.  They were not atheists, they were Deists, at least most of them, some were atheists, and a few were "religious," (belonging to a religion.)

My wife and I have a good and happy life.  We don't watch T.V.  We get all of our News/Info from the web, and we do watch entertaining shows/movies/series together, and apart, through our DVD - Everything we watch is without any commercials.  The list of what we watch is as long, and as varied, as most Americans watch, but no commercials, and at times of our choosing.  We both are avid readers of both fiction and non-fiction, mostly fiction though.

Sonni still works managing a shop - She loves the shop, and has the pleasure of her daughter working with her.  I am retired.  So I've become the "wife" so to speak - I clean house, wash dishes, cook, and shop for groceries - All of which I fully enjoy as much as I did when I "worked." Actually I work harder now. :-)

But you are right about one thing - I am angry - Very angry at what I've seen happen to my country by blind arrogant unforgivable ignorance by good people like you, and the other so called Christians.  You are determined to destroy the Separation of Church and State, or at least your con-artists "leaders" are, them for nothing more than profits, you because of blind obediant manipulated ignorance.  You and your "leaders" are the exact same types Jesus fought and preached against.  But you have become too blinded to see your manipulated ignorance of reality, to your own destruction, and to everyone elses’ destruction - You Ms. Klein and your fellow Rapture-Ready/Dominionists are much more dangerous to our freedoms, yours and mine, than any of the desperate terrorists out there.

Please take the time to see my last two posting -,  -and- - I doubt they will cause you to open your eyes, or even remove your blinders - but it might give you more perspective?


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