Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dominance Mythology 101

The Decline And Fall Hasn't Just Begun, It's Well On Its Way
Compiled by The Old Hippie Because To Ignore It Is Arrogant Stupidity

The current major "big picture" stories that are either being ignored, or denied, or even hidden, but mostly "just stupidly being unseen" for what their meanings are by a large majority of Americans.
Not by just the opportunistic corporatists, or just the Evangelical bring-on-the Rapture creationists nut jobs, (currently listed as approximately 46% of the American electorate,) but also by the less criminal, and less nutzo/more rational Americans among us that can't see, or accept, the facts of their own participation in our nation's obvious, and increasing, decline.  But what really pisses me off, is the fact that so many "rational" Americans, for whatever varied reasons, absolutely refuse to see/accept/acknowledge the reality of the facts that are, and have been, in plain site for years, and are therefore allowing it to continue by their silence.  Click the "Below The Fold" link below for these articles...

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[Nothing I'm presenting here is new, and you know it.  But what you have done, are doing, will do about it. . .  Will determine how you view yourself in the future, not to mention how the world will view "our" America in the future.  You should also note that most of what I present below is from the more "mainstream" media - It's finally reached (leaked through the cracks of corporate media control?) this point of exposure already, if you haven't noticed.]

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2020 Vision

A CIA report predicts that American global dominance could end in 15 years.

by Fred Kaplan,, Jan. 26, 2005

"Who will be the first politician brave enough to declare publicly that the United States is a declin-
ing power and that America's leaders must urgently discuss what to do about it?  This prognosis of decline comes not (or not only) from leftist scribes rooting for imperialism's downfall, but from the National Intelligence Council—the "center of strategic thinking" inside the U.S. intelligence community."

"The NIC's conclusions are starkly presented in a new 119-page document, "Mapping the Global Future:  Report of the National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project."  It is unclassified and availa-
ble on the CIA's Web site. The report has received modest press attention the past couple weeks, mainly for its prediction that, in the year 2020, "political Islam" will still be "a potent force."  Only a few stories or columns have taken note of its central conclusion:"

Link To The Full Article Here

"A Google hunt reveals that, among mainstream American papers, only Knight Ridder, USA Today, and Dan Sneider's foreign-affairs column in the San Jose Mercury News caught the main points of the NIC report. In an otherwise excellent story, the Washington Post emphasized what the report said about political Islam and terrorism; it mentioned the rise of China and India only in the final paragraph. The New York Times appears not to have covered the report at all."

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The Power of Nightmares

by Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation, Jan. 25, 2005

"Last week, the BBC re-broadcast a provocative documentary series which challenges the idea that Al Qaeda is the center of a uniquely powerful, unified and well-organized international ter-
rorist conspiracy."

"The attacks on September 11th," according to the film's director Adam Curtis--one of Britain's leading documentary filmmakers--"were not the expression of a confident and growing move-
ment.  'They were acts of desperation by a small group frustrated by their failure which they blamed on the power of America.  'It is also important," Curtis adds, "to realize that many within the Islamist movement were against this strategy."  '(This view accords with those held by ter-
rorism experts--like Peter Bergen--who argue that Al Qaeda is largely a spent force that has changed from a tight-knit organization capable of carrying out 9/11 to more of an ideological threat with loose networks in many nations.)"

[This is the 3rd mention of this important BBC documentary, and it is a new article, that as of yet has not been broadcast in America, but seen by the citizens of all the other nations that broadcast the BBC.  Ask yourself, why would "our" leaders, through corporate media managers, try to keep this hidden from Americans?  The answer's amazingly obvious, if you make the effort to watch it.
Even though it has not yet been broadcast here in America, you CAN see it, IF you are willing, I can, and will, send clean full-screen quality DVDs to anyone that e-mails me a request for them.
No profit involved, just the cost to me ~$4/$5 or less.]

Link To The Full Article Here

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Global Warming

by Varied Authors, Varied Sources, listed with each article

Global Warming Approaching Point of No Return, Warns Leading Climate Expert

by Geoffrey Lean - The Independent on Sunday U.K. - Jan. 23, 2005

"Global warning has already hit the danger point that international attempts to curb it are designed to avoid, according to the world's top climate watchdog.

"Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, the chairman of the official Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), told an international conference attended by 114 governments in Mauritius this month that he personally believes that the world has "already reached the level of dangerous concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere" and called for immediate and "very deep" cuts in the pollu-
tion if humanity is to "survive"."

Link To The Full Article Here

U.S. 45th in Environmental Sustainability

by Felicity Barringer - The New York Times - Jan. 28, 2005

"Finland, Norway and Uruguay held the top three spots in the ranking, prepared by researchers at Yale and Columbia Universities.  The United States ranked 45th of the 146 countries studied, behind such countries as Japan, Botswana and the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, and most of Western Europe."  [Emphasis mine, not the author's.]

Link To The Full Article Here

Americans Are Trying to Discredit Me, Claims Chief Scientist

by Steve Connor - The Independent U.K. - Jan. 17, 2005

"The Government's chief scientific adviser is being aggressively targeted by American lobbyists trying to discredit his view that man-made pollution is behind global warming."

"In an interview with The Independent, Sir David King said he was being followed around the world by people in the pay of vested-interest groups that want to cast doubt on the science of climate change."

"Last year, Sir David said the threat from global warming was greater than that posed by inter-
national terrorism and he has criticised the Bush administration for pulling out of the Kyoto treaty to limit greenhouse gas emissions."

Link To The Full Article Here

A Google Link To - "Global Warming" ignored - to help in your own research.


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