Thursday, March 10, 2005

Have You Noticed. . .

What The "Big Story" Is At The Mainstream Media Tonight?
by The Old Hippie Because it is so obvious

At FOX, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, et al, it is Michael Jackson.  It's the BIG story.  It's what they are saying is important.  So important that it takes precedence over the truth of the destruction of the Constitutional Democracy.

I wonder how long before rational Americans become irrational?

What follows, under the "Below The Fold" of this posting, are the first few "top stories" at various websites of the loopy left, liberal, and independent media tonight, just for your comparison, and enlightenment. . .  [Also note the absence of Michael Jackson stories at these news sites.]

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At Air America Radio. . .  [ Link ]

Democrats Slam Report that Clears Pentagon
A report by Navy inspector general Vice Adm. Albert Church appears to whitewash the Pentagon’s role in the abuse and torture of prisoners.  Needless to say, there’s no mention of the CIA program of “rendition.”

Senate Panel Stops Bid to Loosen Air Pollution Standards
Chafee chokes on "Clear Skies."  The Rhode Island Republican joined Democrats to deadlock the bill in committee.

At . .  [ Link ]

Free Speech Impediment
MediaCulture: This Sunday's episode of ABC's Boston Legal focusing on censorship was itself censored, purged of all references to Fox and Bill O'Reilly.  And nobody's talking.

Open Fire On U.S. Consumers
It's one thing for credit card companies to exact their pound of flesh even as their profits soar.  But shouldn't we hold our elected officials to a higher standard?

At . .  [ Link ]


US Says It Has Withdrawn From World Judicial Body

At Center for American Progress. . .  [ Link ]

The New Content Commissars
Anyone who decides to "set up a blog, send out mass e-mails, any kind of activity that can be done on the Internet" could be subject to Federal Election Commission regulation, the FEC's Bradley Smith said.

Public Opinion Watch - Mar. 9
Ruy Teixeira covers polls and related articles from the week of Feb. 28 - Mar. 6: Unpopular from Coast to Coast; Military Voters, Black Voters, Hispanic Voters.

At . .  [ Link ]

Paul Craig Roberts
So Much for the New Bush Economy

John Marc Leas, Colleen McLaughlin and Ashley Smith
Vermont Vs. the War

Larry Birns
The Pathological John Bolton

At The Crisis Papers. . .  [ Link ]

The Week's Best Articles

Special: The Bush Budget Proposal
Special: The Jeff Gannon Scandal
Special: Was 2004 Election a Fraud?
Special: Social Security "Reform"

At . .  [ Link ]

More than 40 people were reportedly killed at a funeral by a suicide bomber in a Mosul mosque, while according to news e-mailed from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, 30 American contractors were wounded by a car bomb at a hotel, a blast felt and heard by Baghdad Burning's Riverbend, who makes a surprise pick for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Following discovery of the execution-style deaths of numerous National Guardsmen, a "spooked" Iraqi soldier told the
Washington Post that "We are all waiting for death like the moon waiting for sunset.  We don't know whose turn will be next."

William Pfaff examines mounting popular and political pressures in Italy 'After the checkpoint shooting' -- and recalls another "horrific accident" in which Italians died at the hands of the U.S. military.  Plus: testing Italy's patience.

[ I've just been going down the list of sites that I list in the sidebar on the right, the rest are in the same frame of importance-priority for news stories - And my point has been made - Michael Jackson is a story, just not an important story, and definitely not more important than any of the current political stories that are occurring at this historical time. ]


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