Monday, March 14, 2005

Just A Fair Warning. . .

This Posting Is Filled With Documented Reality-Based Knowledge
compiled by The Old Hippie Because I Like Stunning The Ignorant With Reality


If you are not aware of the following items listed in today's posting, then you are not nearly as pissed off as you should be, or are going to be, after you read them.

"When the Bush era is done, one of the puzzles left to history will be the seeming ease with which the recklessness and radicalism of Bush's fiscal and military endeavors, not to mention his gang's open contempt for democratic forms, gained the assent of tens of millions of people."
  -- Steve Perry, Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages, Mar. 9, 2005 [ Link ]

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[ All items listed clearly linked to all sources of their information. ]

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James Kennedy's - Christian Crusade
TV Evangelist's ministerial and media empire claim US a 'Christian nation', don't believe in the separation of church and state, and aims to extend political reach

by Bill Berkowitz,, Mar. 12, 2005

"Although not nearly as well-known or flamboyant as the Rev. Jerry Falwell, Focus on the Family's Dr. James Dobson, or Pat Robertson, Dr. D. James Kennedy, who was recently inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB - website) Hall of Fame, has created a media and ministerial empire that is packing a powerful political punch."

Full Article Link Here

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The Pentagon Has "Cleared The Pentagon" Of The 'War on Terror' Abuses!?!
(In the words of the 'Church Lady' of SNL. . .)  "Now Isn't That Special?"

Published on Thursday, March 10, 2005 by Reuters
Pentagon Clears Top Personnel, Policies in Abuses

by Vicki Allen, Reuters via, Mar. 10, 2005

"This looks like another whitewash.  Almost a year after the Abu Ghraib pictures, we still haven't had an independent investigation into the widespread prison abuse by someone not appointed by or subordinate to Secretary Rumsfeld."

Full Article Link Here

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Just to be able to execute some Mexicans on death row. . .  Bush pulls America out of the international agreement that we proposed in 1963, and ratified in 1969 - Just to be able to kill some Mexicans on death row.  What a proudly American thing to do. . .
(Are you pissed off yet?  Just curious.)

Execution Protocol Ends

US withdraws from agreement on death penalty

By Charles Lane, Washington Post via The Boston Globe, Mar. 10, 2005

"The United States initially backed the measure as a means to protect its citizens abroad.  It was also the first country to invoke the protocol before the International Court of Justice, also known as the World Court, successfully suing Iran for the taking of 52 US hostages in Tehran in 1979.

But in recent years, other countries, with the support of US opponents of capital punishment, successfully complained before the World Court that their citizens were sentenced to death by US states without receiving access to diplomats from their home countries."

Full Article Link Here

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If you aren't really pissed yet - Try this. . .  An eight year old child, (Yes - Just 8 fucking years old!,) is being held at Abu Ghraib, in our name, to "protect" us, and our freedoms.  Feeling proudly patriotic yet?

Documents Show Children Held At Abu Ghraib

ACLU Releases Hundreds Of Pages

By Associated Press via, Mar. 10, 2005

"WASHINGTON -- Army records show the U.S. military held children who appeared to be as young as 8 years old at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.

Transcripts of testimony show the prison's former commander said one boy claimed to be almost 12 years old.  Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski told officials investigating prisoner abuse that the boy was crying, asking if he could call his mother."

Full Article Link Here

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Hey Texas, Here's one for just ya'all. . .  Feeling smugly proud that you voted them in?
I've actually read the Texas Republican Platform.  Wonder how many Texans have?


Texas to raise taxes on the poor by 5% in order to cut taxes for the rich by 3%

By Associated Press via Tyler Morning Telegraph, Mar. 10, 2005

"AUSTIN (AP) - The Texas House on Thursday marched closer to a $10 billion tax bill that would increase the burden on the poor with a bevy of new taxes, including one on snacks like cookies, doughnuts and chips."

Full Article Link Here

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As I stated, and asked, in an earlier posting, "This Is Your America Today. . ."

All three groups, the corporatists, the Evangelical fundamentalists, and the Neo-Cons, want to destroy any part of "our" Constitutional Democracy that stands in the way of their individual, and shared, agendas.  The reality is not that they are succeeding, it is that they have been allowed to already succeeded.  And in this 2nd term, they have made it clear that they are willing to take that success even further.

Is there anyone rational left who still denies that all in this administration lied us Americans into an illegal war of profit and choice, not defense and freedom?

Is there anyone rational left who still denies that our Constitutional Democracy has been allowed to become a corporatist plutocratic theocracy?  And is becoming more so daily?

Is there anyone rational left who still denies George Bush did not win the election?

Is there anyone rational left who still denies that we are much less "safe" now, after the past 3 years of foreign and domestic policy decisions by this insanely imperial administration?

Is there anyone rational left who still denies that the Evangelical bring-on-the-Rapture nut-jobs, (23% of the American electorate,) are for nuclear conflict, environmental destruction, and the destruction of the entire federal welfare, educational, and tax systems?  Because they "believe" these events were "prophesied" to bring on the "Rapture," and that their helping these things to occur, secures them a place with their God?

Is there anyone rational left who still denies that almost all Evangelicals, (46% of the American electorate,) are also delusional Dominionists?  Including the president of the United States?

Is there anyone rational left who still denies that there is not any difference between the Islamists putting their "Biblical Law" over political governance, and the proposed, now under consideration in our congress, the "Constitution Restoration Act of 2004," which will cause "our" Constitution to be re-written to read that Christian fundamentalist Biblical Law will take precedence over the laws of our own government?

Is there anyone rational left who still denies that there is no longer any "rational" solutions left for us "reality-based" Americans?


At 3/14/2005 10:16 AM, Anonymous Traesom said...

Hey, Hippie,

I can say that because I, too, am a hoary old hippie, and proud of it as a matter of fact (although pride isn’t necessarily a healthy thing to have, at least not to excess). Of course I’m pissed off, and have been for years. While everybody else seemed thoroughly in love with, and enamored of, old Dutch Reagan, for instance, I saw him as a monster representing (whether consciously – there is some question as to just how conscious the man was - or no) the corporate interests. What’s really going on in America, as you apparently well know, is that democracy is everyday being eroded (slowly at first, but now ever more quickly and surely) by the oligarchical class in order to institute what Noam Chomsky refers to as “Full Spectrum Dominance.” Unfortunately, that mentality doesn’t just stop at our own borders, either, but as we are presently seeing in Iraq, extends clear across the globe. The theory being that once dominance has been assured (as if that will ever happen) then life will be just wonderful, wonderful for everybody so long as it is some brand of wonderful fully endorsed by Idiot, Dick the Consigliere, and their Murder of Crows.

There’s nothing new about this, it’s been happening all throughout history. Monsters everywhere, and every-when, have used the same old arguments (and ultimately tactics) in order to wrest control – it’s a sure sign of megalomania, psychosis and paranoid delusions. What is new about it is twofold: it might just bring on Armageddon this time, what with all the nukes floating around out there in the world, along with the rest of all the CBR weaponry (in the main developed and peddled by the good old U.S.A.); and there is additionally some indication that the fundamentalist whackos are anyway searching for some certain means of bringing on the Apocalypse (now)! The second thing new about all this is that they are now doing it to my fucking country, and yours!

I am not so certain, however, that we can at this late stage (our generation has neglected such things for far too long, and ignored things such as Ike’s warning about the military industrial complex, etc.) rectify the situation. Too much control over the populace has already been exerted, and too many in this society remain ignorant of the various social and political ramifications of what is transpiring. Those who still have to go to work everyday, for instance, and keep Momma happy and entertained etc, in the evenings (or maybe the other way around), just don’t have a lot of spare time to be worrying about things that really haven’t directly impacted their livelihoods as yet. Who was it that said: they came for this person, and then they came for that, and then finally they came for me? By then, of course, it’s ‘Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie’.

Well, I think we’re there already, and unfortunately I’m too old, decrepit and broke to much do anything about it, like moving somewhere where all these (politically whacko) freaks ain’t. I’m stuck being here, and it’s enough to piss you off bad, and bring tears to your eyes. I’m a Vietnam vet (never did anything even remotely heroic though), and an ex-high-school teacher, and am mired in a family (and personal history) that has many service members and educators among them, and so we’ve done our bit for America (trust me). But all that has been ruined now. This sure the hell isn’t my America, or what in my wildest nightmare I could have envisioned America becoming; but I can also see, being eclectic in my interests and explorations, that America’s finest days are behind her, and that like Rome before us, we’re gonna lose the Republic and very quickly lose the follow-up empire, and then be SOL for a few centuries until maybe we recoup, and re-group. The freaking oligarchs have won, despite what efforts our Founding Fathers put forward in an attempt to forever stave off such future scenarios. I have extreme difficulty in imagining a future America that isn’t just a plantation with a few straw bosses and an absentee landlord or two running the place. The little guy, as usual, has been totally screwed. It’ll be a miracle if most people’s grandkids manage to survive, at anything more than at a bare level of subsistence, assuming things haven’t been blown to smithereens in the meanwhile.

Sorry, wish I could find more positive things to say. I will, though, gladly rant and rave from time to time hereabouts because it helps to somehow deal with the anger and the incredulousness.

At 3/14/2005 10:15 PM, Blogger Alan said...

The only hope I see is that after the collapse, if enough people wake up and then if we are really lucky, they will elect another FDR to defeat fascism, if another FDR comes along. Boy, these are some pretty big ifs. Doesn't look pretty.


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