Saturday, May 07, 2005

There Was A Time. . .

When We Had The Time To Fix It
by The Old Hippie Because That Time Has Passed

It has all come to a head, and most Americans are either not aware of it out of political apathy, and/or relying on mainstream media for "news" and truth, or simply refuse to believe it is upon us, because the reality is too stark to accept, or really believe it isn't happening because they have been convinced by people they trust, who are profiting from that trust, either in dollars, or an ideological power/position reality, which is dependent on that disbelief and trust.

Every political, social, and historical concept that made this Nation the strongest, and most respected Constitutional Democracy in the planet's history, has been undone in 5-1/2 years.  The impossibility of one-party-rule has become reality.  The impossibility of the central supporting core, in the creation of this nation, the Separation of the Church and State, has been reversed.  The impossibility of the breakdown of the Separation of Powers has been accomplished.

But this is not what I mean by "It has all come to a head."  What I am referring to are the undeniable facts of the accelerating, and irreversible, reality of global warming, and the "already-happening" resource wars.

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The breakdown of the American Constitutional Democracy, into an enhanced fascist Plutocratic Corporatist Theocracy, the current leaders of which have a direct financial, and power-of-control, stake in the disbelief of global warming, and the greed of the control of the profits from privatizing the world's natural resources, has only made the hope of lessening the damage from these two realities, much - much - worse.

Thursday, May 5, 2005
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The last 58.5 million acres of untouched national forests, which President Clinton had set aside for protection, were opened to possible logging, mining and other commercial uses by the Bush administration Thursday.

[ You did note the word - last - in that sentence - Right? ]


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