Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This Past Week. . .

I've Seen Indications That Anger And Outrage are Overcoming Denial
by The Old Hippie Because The Reality Of The Darkness Has Gotten Far Worse Than Predicted

I will say right up front I believe the anger and outrage, that is beginning to seep out around the edges of what is left of this once great Constitutional Democracy, isn't enough, and is way too late for so many whose lives have been devastated, for so many that are now dead, for nothing more than a few people's uber greed - "Profits over even life."

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Almost all that they set out to do, has been accomplished, for no other reason than the American people allowed them to get away with it.  In fact, are still allowing them to get away with it.  No one above a sergeant has faced any real punishment at all.  The Supreme Court has overturned the Arthur Andersen conviction for shredding Enron documents, Martha Stewart is living in luxury almost no American can comprehend, Ken Lay lives within even greater luxury to this day, nuclear weapons are back on the table, true religious nut jobs have very real political power, and are using it to re-write American history and law, opportunistic corporatists are taking full advantage of their ignorance to re-write American regulatory law to protect themselves from "the masses," all the senior military Generals/Admirals that have openly stated the truth, and all of the political "whistleblowers" who tried honorably to get the truth to the apathetic Americans, have had their careers crushed and "retirement" forced upon them, and they are still trying to tell the "in denial" America the truth - But it, the truth, has a hard time getting past the complicit corporate media.

The facts of the reality have been exposed, and exposed, and re-exposed, and still. . .

There is no revolt.  No impeachment.  No punishment.  No mass uprising.  Nothing.



At 6/01/2005 4:32 PM, Anonymous newbroom said...

I HEAR ya!


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