Friday, March 03, 2006

A Simple Comment. . .

Left By A Member Of The Truthout "Town Meeting" Forum. . .
by "ljmgbp" - A Comment For "No One Could Have Anticipated..." By Wiliam Rivers Pitt

"Americans Are Cowardly S.O.B.s" 
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A lot of my frineds got together in Africa a few minutes ago and called me.  They said that they had just read and seen the Brownie video and they were calling to see if I was alright.

Alright?  I queried.

Yeah!  We thought that with the demonstrations and the coming revolution you might be in harm's way - are you living in a quiet red state then?

No, I live a few miles from DC, I answered beginning to get embarased yet again because I knew what was coming...

You mean there are no demonstrations!??  Nahhh, you're joshing us - come on!  Tell us what is happening because of this video...

I held my breath and let it out as I said "Nothing, not a goddamned thing - there is not even one single person except Conchita (yeah! THEY know about her) in front of the White House"

Silence.  More silence.  "Why didn't you go out?"  one of them finally yelled who must have been far from the receiver and then the avalanche came; they began to scream with rage!!  They were saying things that weren't even in english in their anger and absolute incomprehension - "Don't any of you realize what he is doing to the rest of us or do you also not care about that?"

"He's not here - he's in India."  I said meekly and defenselessly...

"Well then go after that fat pig No. 2 but don't just sit there..."  Finally someone was quieting the rest of them down and she said, "They asked me to speak in their name, please tell whatever Americans you can contact that the world thinks that Americans are cowardly sons of bitches.  Grossly irresponsible spoiled children..."  and then they all began screaming again in numerous languages and profanities.  Someone pulled the receiver away and yelled "It's not you, dear brother, we love you but we want you to get the hell out of there and come back and be with us humans, please..."

I hung up, cried and called to find out what the plane ticket cost but I can't afford it yet...

by ljmgbp on Thu Mar 2nd, 2006 at 06:10:10 PM EDT

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Kind of puts it into a nutshell - Doesn't it?


At 3/03/2006 7:06 PM, Blogger Alan said...

I get similar comments and questions from Brazil, Germany, and Switzerland.

At 3/05/2006 12:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do we remember the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who stood in their government's courtyard for days and days in the snow and sub-zero weather--demanding that their fraudulent election results be overturned?

And then they were?

When will we be like the Ukrainians? Do we have to live under a dictatorship for generations before we are willing to stand up and demand peace and justice in our country?



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