Saturday, May 06, 2006

It's Not The Lies. . .

It's My Nation's Citizens Continued Acceptance & Allowance That I Fear
by The Old Hippie Because It Isn't Getting Better - It's Getting Worse.

I've seen and heard the lies exposed, reported, re-reported, proven beyond doubt, talked about, sometimes even in the mainstream media. . .  Lies that have cost so many lives and livelihoods, lies at a level and preponderance never experienced previously within our nation's history, lies that have allow the corporate take-over of all of "our" governmental structures, lies that have allowed the destruction of all of "our" sane environmental regulations in favor to corporate profits, lies that have allowed the acceptance of "our" legalization of the torture as an officially sanctioned technique even though it has been proven, over and over again, to not produce any accurate intelligence, lies that have destroyed the credibility and careers of anyone, within and/or without of this administration who dares to even try to speak truth to the citizens, lies that have allowed a historic swift of power to the unitary executive from both the judicial and congressional branches of "our" government, lies that now allow 32% of Americans to agree with the president that the Constitution is "just a goddamn piece of paper."

I do fear you 32%  [Now 29% - Updated: 5/13/06], and the others of my citizens that are also still in borderline-denial of the reality of the effects and affects of their insane continued acceptance and allowance of the lies.  I do fear the citizens who only get their news/info from the large born-again religious media networks.  I do also fear, almost as much, those citizens that have completely bought into the corporate propaganda of "there's nothing you as an individual can do about any of it..." because it is getting dangerously close to that point.

I do not fear the terrorists.  I fear what "our" nation's citizen's denial, acceptance, and allowing of the proven lies will force the "terrorists" to do in desperation to our citizens lack of "stopping and punishing" the openly criminal profiteers that now use "our" governmental structures to enforce their lies, to crush dissent, to profit-even-over-life, and to kill/destroy anyone in their way.

I also fear, deeply, what "our" corporate government's responses will be to the desperate acts of the "terrorists."

If you don't - Then you really haven't been paying attention - And I fear your ignorance.

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At 10/06/2006 6:30 PM, Anonymous s barackman said...

You got it right about the big corporations! A little publicized program is being foisted on America by the name of NAIS (National Animal Identification System).

Under the lies of protecting the health of the national herd, keeping avian flu and mad cow disease at bay, NAIS is nothing more than a way to control (or completely put out of business) the little farmer or homesteader while benefitting the big megafarms (Tyson chicken, Cargill beef, Monsanto)who will have monopolies.
Even those who own one chicken, potbelly pig or pony will have to

1. register their premises (and pay a yearly fee in some states with no guarantee it will not go up and up)

2. animal identification- all livestock must be micro chipped ($400-$500 for scanner and cost of chips cost whcih can be easily tampered with) The big megafarms will not have to microchip every critter, they just get lot numbers.

3. animal tracking--all animal births, deaths and off property movements must be reported within 24 hours or face huge fines. (The big megafarms will not have to file reports!)

Sound like fun? And of course, there will be fees with filing. When will you ever get time to ride that horse or milk that cow?

Here is some better news on how this program will protect us from animal disease. If disease is even suspected in a 6 mile radius area all livestock can be depopulated. (See the Henshaw story at They were held hostage for 10 days by the USDA while all their livestock were killed, though none were tested!)


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