Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Net Neutrality Act. . .

It's Not The Wars, Or Environment, Or Security, But It's Very Important
by Several People Of Knowledge Because This Needs To Be Known By All Of Us

The Net Neutrality Act
- [Original at Crooks and Liars (5/2/06) - Linked Here]


"Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) threw down the gauntlet just moments ago, introducing the Network Neutrality Act of on"

NY Times:

    Net Neutrality is a concept that is still unfamiliar to most Americans, but it keeps the Internet democratic. Cable and telephone companies that provide Internet service are talking about creating a two-tiered Internet, in which Web sites that pay them large fees would get priority over everything else.

    "One of the Internet's great strengths is that a single blogger or a small political group can inexpensively create a Web page that is just as accessible to the world as Microsoft's home page. But this democratic Internet would be in danger if the companies that deliver Internet service changed the rules so that Web sites that pay them money would be easily accessible, while little-guy sites would be harder to access, and slower to navigate. Providers could also block access to sites they do not like."

[And from the original at MyDD - Linked Here] - by Matt Stoller, Fri Apr 21, 2006

I've written a bunch about the importance of network neutrality. The pro-net neutrality coalition is launching on Monday with such participants as Instapundit, Gun Owner's of America, Moveon, and Vint Cerf (known as the 'father of the internet').

Libertarian Alex Curtis at Public Knowledge prepared the following two minute video clip, and it does a much better job than I could in explaining the stakes of this fight.


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At 5/03/2006 3:49 AM, Blogger Suman Mishra's Wholesale 925 Silver Jewelry said...

This is crazy, I had no idea. If it happens in America, it will happen everywhere including India pretty soon. This is so dangerous.

At 5/11/2006 4:50 PM, Blogger Doyle said...

This Bill is extremely important to the freedoms enjoyed by all by allowing them to continue to voice opinions, thoughts and ideas to the world through words, photographs, and video. All can be sure that the big companies involved will be throwing huge sums of money at OUR Representatives to ensure this Bill does not pass, it is totally up to all persons to ensure that THEY DO NOT WIN!! Please contact your Representatives, sign partitions anything which will show the Representatives that you will not stand for such a loss of freedom and liberties in the interest of profits.


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