Saturday, December 08, 2007

Outrage?  Maybe.  Truth?  Yes.

A Letter I Just Wrote To The Washington Post...  In Obvious Anger...
Concerning Their “Choose Your Candidate” Web Site.

To:  The entire The Washington Post staff
Re:  Your “Choose Your Candidate” web site

A GLARING absence of Dennis Kucinich.  The poll is purposefully bias, and useless, (except for the fact that you successfully marginalize Mr. Kucinich, whom your board of directors obviously fear,) on the Democratic side because of the deliberate, and glaring, absence of Mr. Kucinich, the obviously dangerous little-big man.  [To the staff that is still reading this, below is the explanation of why I say this...  Not that you would care that I, and others, care that you don't care that your obvious self-censorship is...  well, obvious.]

...researchers at California’s Sonoma State University took a close look at the resumes of the 118 people who sit on the boards of directors of America’s ten largest media organizations, (including The Washington Post.)  The research team is part of the Project Censored, which for nearly three decades has been exposing journalistic self-censorship — “the news that didn’t make the News.”  They determined that the group of 118 board members in turn sit on the boards of 288 other major corporations.  They also discovered that eight out of the ten media behemoths share common memberships in each other’s boardrooms.

Source: “Big Media Interlocks with Corporate America”

Keep in mind that the other 288 corporations referred to include all of the military industrial, extractive, pharmaceutical, managed-care HMOs, ag-chem, et al corporations - In other words, all the corporations that are profiting from the war, and the corporate take-over of all of “our” federal regulatory agencies, et al.

You, at The Washington Post, and a few of us out here that are actually paying attention, know that most of the American citizens still don't know, comprehend, or have absorbed the significance of this censored fact...  Not all of us are apathetic in-denial sheeple.

I'm old enough to remember when journalists where brave patriots, not the corporatists' controlled job-over-truth-insecure-cowards you have become.


Mike Standefer
814 Whitehead St.
Key West, FL 33040-7422

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It was something I personally felt the need to say.


At 12/15/2007 8:16 PM, Blogger Vox Populi said...

Awesome !!!! You only have to be seven or eight years old to remember a few journalists. REAL journalists.

Good post, Mike.


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