Friday, January 18, 2008

Timely Reprises. . .

Tomorrow Nevada’s, (And S. C.’s GOP) Primaries Happen, So...
by The Old Hippy Because, Just Maybe, Our Last Real Hope of Saving the Constitution is Edwards.

Reality Observed: “John Edwards Is Pi$$ing Off All The Right People.”

Think Damn It: Why Do You Think “Our” MSM Has Done All It Can To Stop Edwards?

Yes John, They Are Ignoring You, And Trying To Get Us To Ignore You.  (They Fear You.)

None of the linked articles above appear in the American MSM - Ask youself...  Why?
Also keep in mind, Hillary and Obama have almost identical voting records.  Think about it...

The corporatist-right have very real reasons for promoting only the two “least dangerous” candidates (Status-quo-DLC'ed-Hillary, and too-close-to-the-monied-interest-Obama,) to their agenda of deregulation, Constitutional rape, and war-profiteering - Plus they also have an extreme fear of an anti-corporatist Edwards win, or a Edwards/Kucinich anti-war/pro-middle-class ticket.

John Edwards’ campaign isn’t about him.  It’s about us.

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