Monday, December 08, 2008

As They Say. . .

The More It Changes, The More It Remains The Same...  (Maybe Not?)
by The Old Hippie Because There May Be Signs Of ‘Hope’ After All?


After giving the bankers a trillion+ dollars without accountability, nor oversight, congress is now considering giving billions more to the ‘big 3’ auto corporations.  At least, this time, they are giving ‘lip-service’ to attaching some actual accountability, maybe even doing something to force them to do the ‘right thing’ for realities like the environment and workers protections.  Plus they may be able to force the top corporatist executives out, ‘executives’ that spent their entire careers fighting both of those concerns for their and their ‘the-very-few’ friend’s profits.

Only time will show what the final reality will be.  But since, (so far,) the incoming administration, and the incoming congress, has said nothing to indicate that they will pursue any punishments, or even any investigative research into the criminality of the outgoing corporatist criminals, I'm not sure I hold any optimism of a real dent being made into stopping the quite successful theft, the ongoing purposeful wealth transfer... ‘of, by, and for the-very-few.’

But I'm really trying to quell my outrage fatigued overwrought cynicism of late - Trying to have a bit of hope that the corrections, the punishments, the ending of the theft, and reversing of the wealth transfer will finally begin.

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A Below The Fold bonus 2 videos...

1.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

2.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights II:

A personal note to Joseph Kline, Jr. PhD, MD, MBA “patriot”:  (your adjective, not mine.)  You were correct back in 2001, it was/is ‘perfect.’  I just didn’t realize at that time that you were referring to the wealth transfer by this criminal administration, that you proudly (still?) support.


At 12/08/2008 4:38 PM, Blogger Dave Dubya said...

Unfortunately Obama will compromise with the Right more than the Right will compromise with Obama.

Twas ever thus with the Democrats.

We still await the president who recognizes corporatism as the impediment to our democracy.


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