Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lead, Some Didn’t Follow. . .

Change - “Shades of Grey” of Corporate Political “Change”
  Any  Change Is Definitely Better Than The Last 8 Years...


I do worry, like many that elected him, about some of the decisions by Obama of late, a few examples; Rick Warren, extending the tax cuts that only benefit the-very-few, supporting the ‘clean coal’ delusion, filling his foreign policy cabinet with Clinton’s corporatist retreads, etc.  But - I also realize he has also made decisions that reflect what most of us do want to see as ‘change,’ as in environmental policy priorities, healthcare, national infrastructure security, ‘talking to the enemy’ first, rather than just bullying, ending the insanity of torture as national policy, job security and supporting the only voice workers have, the unions.

But I also know that the corporatists, because of the (criminal?) cronyism of the last eight years in particular, now have an almost indestructible control of our government.  It’s going to take a lot more than one Chicago politician’s efforts to turn, “change,” America back into the nation of true hope it once was.  Only time will prove if the citizens will help him to be that realization of change for the better - For the “common good” - rather than continuing to allow a nation "of, by, and for” the-very-few, and their corporatist sycophants/collaborators.

It is also obvious to me that if the citizens of this nation allow the thieves to live out the rest of their lives within their stolen luxury, without real punishment, any “accomplished change” will be temporary at best, a purposeful lie at worst.

Just things to think about - Right?

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A “Below The Fold” bonus, 2 videos... (Reprised for those that missed 'em first time around.)

1.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

2.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights II:


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