Friday, April 10, 2009


Ahh...  Reality...  Ain’t It A Bitch?
Because This Is What You “Allowed,” And What You Are Still “Allowing.”

Military Budget Surpasses Bush-era Spending By $21 Billion
The Rise of Glenn Beck's Bizarre [Dangerous] Media Militia
Where Did the Worst of Bush's Cronies Go? [To The MSM]
Obama's Top Economic Adviser Is... Highly Compromised
It’s the Global Economy (Stupid) – or Is It?
The Climate Change Lobby Explosion
Revolving Door, Bailout Edition
Terminator Planet

Quote of the Day via The Seminal

The group warning us about the New World Order is actually being led by the people they are supposed to be against.

It seems the Republican Party, after having been abandoned by the Christian Coalition, thought it could go after the Ron Paul supporters by pretending to be “just plain folks.”  Yup, the Forbes and DuPont familiies, Westinghouse, Prudential, Aetna and McDonald Douglass along with thousands of lawyers working for every crooked industry and phony front group in America, all suddenly “libertarians” supporting “the little guy” against big government and the rich.

This was the “dirty tricks” front group Karl Rove used during the campaigns, the ones that pumped out all thsoe [sic] stories we later learned were lies.

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A “Below The Fold” Bonus Article...

“Tough Sanctions”

By David Sirota via

I read this encouraging rhetorical stance from the G-20 in last week’s AP dispatch:

An estimated $7.3 trillion is stashed in offshore financial centers worldwide by corporations and wealthy individuals seeking to shield their operations and lessen their tax burdens.  Now these havens are under scrutiny like never before.  Leaders of the Group of 20 nations meeting in London warned Thursday that countries refusing to share tax information would face tough sanctions.  Hammered by the financial meltdown, the world’s richest countries say they are serving notice they won’t tolerate shady offshore operations anymore.

There’s just one problem: rather than such tax havens “facing tough sanctions,” we might see a big one - Panama - face the opposite of “sanctions.”" We might see it be rewarded with a coveted corporate-written trade pact from the United States, a G-20 member.

Trade and tax expert Peter Riggs long ago started asking why the United States would liberalize trade with a country that would likely use trade preferences to increase its tax haven business.  Now, as the G-20 says it wants to crack down on tax havens like Panama, we’re going to see if there’s a difference between tough rhetoric and legislative reality.  Should the Obama administration move the Panama Free Trade Agreement forward after participating in the G-20 meetings that resulted in such anti-tax-haven tough talk, it will have a lot of ’splainin to do.

NOTE: Dow Jones reports that Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI), top Democrat on the Ways and Means Committee, “says one of the major obstacles [to the Panama FTA’s passage] is the fact the country is a haven for companies seeking to avoid paying U.S. tax.”  So congressional opposition to the pact may, in fact, be organizing specifically around this tax-haven issue.


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