Friday, May 01, 2009

Even More Reality. . .

Why Does My Nation Keep Proving The Thieves Correct About Us...?
by The Old Hippie Because So Many, Way Too Many, Are Still, Insanely, “Allowing”...

  -  Enraged About Corporate Greed?
      In answer to their own economic crisis, the French have taken up
      “bossnapping.” protest economic unfairness.

  -  “Bernie Madoff, Scapegoat” by Michael Moore, via Time magazine.
      Elie Wiesel called him a “God.”  His investors called him a “genius.”

  -  Chrysler has Filed for Federal Bankruptcy Protection.
      Democracy Now! with Ralph Nader, concerning this.  (Worthy P.O.V.)

Who's Your Daddy?  Corporate Senate Dems (Again) Do Banks’ Bidding
[ direct link to full article at Crooks and Liars ]

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A“Below The Fold” Bonus Article -

Dare We Use the S-Word?
by Scott Tucker via, May 1, 2009 that we’ve got the son of a Kansan mother and a Kenyan father presiding in Washington, the right-wing guttersnipes have gone back to an old game.  They have set up Barack Obama for target practice as a socialist.

May Day, 2009 is therefore a good day to remember Obama’s repeatedly stated faith in a capitalist economy.  For the true believers on the right, that is not good enough.  Obama sometimes suggests that freedom should not be reduced to the free market.  Likewise, he has suggested that big banks and big business require public oversight and regulation.  These deviations from four-square gospel capitalism are sufficient for the heresy hunters on the right to find reds in the White House beds.

[ Above title is the direct link to the full article. ]


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