Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let’s See. . .

Just How Insane Your Denial, And “Allowing,” Has Gotten?
by The Old Hippie Because I Thought Seeing Truth Would Help, Obviously Not.

{-The Way Many Picture Me-}

Domestically Obama is doing all the “right” things to calm the majority of the masses, returning to taxing the rich, rather than the just the middle-class, (what’s left of it,) and poor, and environmentally he has begun making the “right” moves to try and repair and/or mitigate much of the damage of the last eight years of the profits-over-even-life polices of the corporatists, that were openly “allowed” to be protected by Bush/Cheney.  But with “our” foreign policy?  At least he’s actually going after the real enemy, rather than a nation that never attacked us, nor was of any threat to us... but outside of that one “right” aspect, Obama’s foreign policy is identical to the Bush/Cheney mime of “imperial presidential power.”  The old “Keep 'em happy at home, but do “what’s needed” to the rest of 'em.”  Which has always worked in the past.

Also there is this one very disturbing fact...  Obama’s administration seems to be in the process of actually protecting the bankers/Wall Street thieves - Why?  This is not only dangerous, it is also unquestionably questionable - Right?  It simply makes no sense.  The thieves do not, in any way, deserve any protection from “us.”  But, of course, they will continue to be...  If you “allow” it.

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The following is reprised, because not much has really changed as far as the ongoing denial
of the insane “allowing” of the theft by the-very-few is concerned...

It, the insanity of the “allowing,” is getting worse, much worse.

Go look at all of the MSM’s headlines, at their websites, then compare what you see there with the reality as rationally reported by reality based independent news sites.

If that simple comparison doesn’t open ones closed eyes of denial, nothing will.

To help you remain sane, and not too deeply depressed, you should end your “session of reality” by stopping in at some of the better editorial humorists’ websites - It couldn’t hurt.

That is my main personal method of doing research for this blog - Check in with the right and the right’s insane, then study as much of the reality-based news sites as possible, then check in with the humorists.  I then sleep on it, do it again, and then post what I have learned, observed, or was stunned by, to first, share it, and second, to get it off my chest so that I can remain sane myself.  All the while, trying my best to keep a reality-based perspective in these historically insane times.


At 4/12/2009 12:34 PM, Anonymous Joan said...

I clicked on your inks to other media, and found some old favorites - as well as some sites that will become new favorites.

I was wondering why ODE Magazine wasn't included. It has short stories of budding intelligence and far-sighted business enterprises. It calls itself the magazine for intelligent optimists. I recommend you visit their web site soon. Keep up the good work!


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