Friday, August 21, 2009


It Continues To be Allowed To Get Worse Yet, And Still, You Allow...
by The Old Hippie Because Seeing Truth Didn’t Help, Nor The Resultant Pain Of The Truth.

{-The Way Many Picture Me-}

I keep hoping Obama will prove my growing doubts wrong, but it seems to only keep going the other way.  I voted for him, and would again, given the same choices we had been allowed to have when the election came around. . .  But his continual caving to the corporations, and the carrying on of the previous bad polices of the previous administration’s wars, the non-investigation of obvious crimes, including war crimes, environmental crimes, and Constitutional destructions, all for profits of wealth and power to so very few, by those same leaders, cohorts and cronies, that destroyed our nation's once powerful reality of hope to the rest of the world - And brought America to its economic knees.  It is not acceptable.

The “allowing” must be stopped.

The following two articles give a very good perspective to what we are all facing, particularly we who elected this current administration, an administration that is fast proving to be one of false hope, and no change after all.

Obama’s Trust Problem - Paul Krugman

Has Obama Lost the Trust of Progressives, as Krugman Says - Glenn Greenwald

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The following is reprised, because not much has really changed as far as the ongoing denial of the insane “allowing” of the theft by the-very-few is concerned...  I will continue to reprise this... as long as the 'citizens' of my nation continue to “allow the allowing.”

It, the insanity, of the “allowing,” is getting worse, in fact it is much worse already.

Go look at all of the MSM’s headlines, at their websites, then compare what you see there with the reality as rationally reported by reality based independent news sites.

If that simple comparison doesn’t open ones closed eyes of denial, nothing will.

To help you remain sane, and not too deeply depressed, you should end your “session of reality” by stopping in at some of the better editorial humorists’ websites - It couldn’t hurt.

That is my main personal method of doing research for this blog - Check in with the right and the right’s insane, then study as much of the reality-based news sites as possible, then check in with the humorists.  I then sleep on it, do it again, and then post what I have learned, observed, or was stunned by, to first, share it, and second, to get it off my chest so that I can remain sane myself.  All the while, trying my best to keep a reality-based perspective in these historically insane times.


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