Sunday, September 05, 2004

If Kerry cannot defend himself - He cannot defend the US. . .

The Art of War & Other Important Matters
By Colonel Bor-Komorowki, U.S. Army (Retired) - 09-05-2004

St. George and the Reluctant Dragon

St. George slaying the dragon is an iconic figure-recently detuned by the Vatican from sainthood to a legend-metaphorically represents a battle between good and evil--do you think GW Bush can wear St. George's mantle?--GW is pious man, a born-again Christian---tries to promote religious organizations in a secular government-his favorite philosopher is Jesus Christ-says he doesn't read much but the Bible--he certainly likes to fight and make war on evil -he even developed an axis of evil-his foreign policy appears to be anchored in the belief that Christianity, freedom, justice and God are fused --Mr. Bush said that God leads American destiny-sounds like a zealot to me--
people who oppose the US are branded as evil----does Bush know that the German Kaiser's troops in WWI wore the Hohenzollern crown with words GOTT IST MIT UNS [God is with us ] on the his army's belt buckles and on the officers mess napkin rings and still lost the war badly?-Czarist Russian troops on the Eastern front in the same war were blessed in the field by Orthodox priests before they were methodically slaughtered by the Germans--the Polish Army salute is with two fingers-one finger represents fatherland and the other God--and the Poles have won one war in 250 years--God knows they fight bravely-some decided that Poland represents the sacrificed Christ dying for other nations' freedom--seems as foolish as GW Bush’s Christians in Action--his almost religious crusade in Iraq and Afghanistan against the godless Muslim Jihadists--What Mr. Bush does not seem to comprehend is that the evil ones also have gods--Team Allah most certainly beat the crusaders-Team Allah spent 400-500 years in Spain before Spain's Catholic God chased them out- you saw at the recent Republican convention how Bush's missionaries, Guiliani, Cheney and Senator Miller crucified Senator Kerry-nailed him to the cross--did you watch Senator Zell Miller-he morphed into John Brown, Oral Roberts and Elmer Gantry-was all fire and brimstone- ridiculed Kerry fiercely- forget he distorted and was factually incorrect--when finished, expected the audience to shout hallelujah-stamp their feet and wave handkerchiefs in the air--Senator Miller disappointed me because he did not finish with the tent preacher's flourish REPENT OR DIE--gets harder to be a Republican by the day--John Kerry figuratively was hung on the cross and died while GW BUSH gave his acceptance speech------but on the same night exactly at midnight in a small town in Ohio he was resurrected--came after GW Bush and Cheney on TV with fire and tong-tough, hard, unrelentingly critical-ad homonym--contrasting this approach after the Democratic convention when Kerry was tip toeing through the tulips until he was amBushed by the swift boaters---his campaign damaged- in a tail spin-- however, Bush's demeaning assault on Kerry turned him into a fire belching dragon--the Republican insults appeared to energize him---challenge his erudite, self absorbed professorial manner--made him realize it is bare knuckles in the alley from now on- whether he can sustain this heated approach is another problem--Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 is released in DVD and tape in the first week of October-suggest Kerry carpet bomb the US with the film --if Kerry cannot figure out how to go after Bush,, ask Moore--probably stuff on the cutting floor that is very interesting-- Bush is highly vulnerable and has made many errors of historical proportion, so Kerry must master the sword and strike deeply and swiftly- as far as his use of the shield, if Kerry cannot defend himself-he cannot defend the US-it is that simple--Bor Komorowski. Col US Army Ret


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