Monday, September 06, 2004

As Lennon Turns In His Grave. . .

Phil Knight, You Know, Nike's Sweatshop C.E.O.,
Commodifies "Peace" and John Lennon's Name.

Another move by Nike, and Phil Knight, that falls into the
give-me-a-fucking-break department.

On the eve of the release of the "Blackspot Sneaker," the anti-corporate do-it-right without sweatshop labor sneaker, that is made from 100% organic hemp, made without damage to the environment - Phil Knight at Nike, which bought Converse last year, is releasing, through Converse -(convenient way to hide that it's Nike)- their "John Lennon All Star Peace Chuck" shoe.  Therefore attempting to commodify "peace," Lennon's name, and his concept of peace, for Nike's profits.

Phil must really believe that this, his newest mindfuck profiteering trick, is going to work and make him & Co. mega-profits.  He's probably partially right.  I assume there will be plenty of brain-dead apathetic, but brand-aware-sheep, Americans who will plop down their $60 without looking.

All this, right after Phil did the following. . . [ Link ]

"Nike chairman, withdrew a personal donation of $30 million to his alma mater, the University of Oregon, in May after the school joined the Workers' Right Consortium, a student-run watchdog group that monitors conditions in factories.  Knight had lobbied for the school to join the Fair Labor Association, a labor-rights group that has corporate executives on its board.  Nike has been criticized for working conditions in its Asian factories."

What amazing arrogance by Mr. Knight.  You can help - Go To This Link - and spread the word to friends, relatives, co-workers, whoever.  Maybe write a polite e-letter of chastisement to Phil, or maybe even call Nike to voice your opinion at 1-800-806-6453 (5am-11pm 7 days a week.)


At 9/06/2004 10:05 AM, Blogger Sonni AKA Deby said...

Because of growing awareness over the past some odd years - I wouldn't touch a Nike product with a ten foot pole - along with many others. There are other products to chose in their place. Plain and simple, 99.99% of people have no clue at all about any of this and are suprised when I say something. I don't really think it will make a difference for people to be informed. If they can get so up in arms about driving their SUV's because they have that right - they are Americans - then why should they care about what they wear on their feet? I have only made a difference (I think) to a few of my own personal friends and that is not enough. Sadly.

At 9/06/2004 12:40 PM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

You have more influence than you may know.  Not all persons show the same rate of realizing the full impact of hard to accept unwanted facts, when first hit by them.

Most will go through stages of defense and denial first.  Never give up.

Also - Pick me up a pair of the Blackspot Sneakers when you get a chance.  I think they match my "winter" wardrobe. &nbs;Don't you?


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