Sunday, September 05, 2004

Repeated Histories. . .

Those Inside A History, See It The Least, Particularly A Repeated History. . .

Two articles that look at current events, and the respective histories that each are repeating, emphasizing the same destructive results that occurred the first time these historical forces came about.

The "New" Crusades, - And - The "New" Robber Barons.

The "Crusades," or "Holy War," and the emptying of the American federal treasury in an open "Robber Barons" theft.  Both happening right now, for the same "reasons," just as they happened back then - Once again proving the real danger of historical amnesia.

The First Article. . .  a shortened version of the introduction of 'Crusade, Chronicles of an Unjust War' (Metropolitan Books, 2004).

The Bush Crusade
By James Carroll, Posted September 4, 2004.

Are we reliving that dark, seething religious history of sacred violence that is the Crusades?

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The Second Article. . .
 from one of the best, and last, true investigative journalists, Greg Palast.

President Declares "Ownership Society"
Tells Convention He's Ordered Invasion of Social Security Trust Fund
by Greg Palast - Thursday, September 2, 2004


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