Saturday, January 08, 2005

Facing The Reality Of. . .

Just Knowing, Has Not, And - Will Not - Stop Them. . .
by The Old Hippie, Because Pro or Con, The Sacrifices Are Coming

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

There is no doubt, even with "our" media completely compromised, and corrupted, by their corrupt corporate owners, that we Americans, all of us, reds and blues, "know" the truth of this current administration's corruption, crimes, and the, so far successful, purposeful dismantling of our very Constitutional Democracy, for nothing more than simple "profits." (i.e. profits of wealth, power, position, freedom, security.)  We all, or at least a large majority of us Americans, "know," and yet - They are still there, still profiting, still smirking all the way to the bank - They are still there, still causing unconscionable pain, death and destruction, worldwide - In "our" names, with "our" money, and since no one is really out there in the streets in revolt, much less peaceful protests - There is just no other way of saying this. . .  They are still there with "our" permission.  Right?

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"We aren't teaching anything new, we are just exposing what is being forgotten."
-- Unknown Professor

Let's look at what we know... not the conspiracy theories, not the might be's, or the maybe's, or biased political "informed" opinions, but what we do know.

A fraction of the Republican party, the radical ideological fraction, controls all 3 branches of the American government, and the media of the nation - A full blown successful one-party rule.  One of the biggest dangers that our Founders fully understood, and feared, to the point that they had, within that knowing, designed our Constitutional Democracy to thwart that dangerous possibility.
But yet, we Americans are - today - living the reality of a completed one party rule - And as it turns out, what the Founders feared of this possibility has, and is continuing to be, proven true.

This party of rule has "legalized," and encouraged, for the first time ever within the history of this nation, the use of torture - As a policy of our nation - And now, inside "our" Senate, "we" debate whether we will allow the very lawyer that redefined "our" nation's policy against torture, to be allowed to be this nation's top law officer - The Attorney General of the United States.

"Their" own government's General Accounting Office, (GAO) has just recently said, in two (2!) separate instances, that they had used, (GAO's words, not mine,) "covert propaganda" illegally, to lie to us, the American people.  (What of the ones we don't know about?)

We all know that they purposely used blatantly wrong "intelligence" to support their invasion of a country that had not attacked us, nor was of any threat to us, nor was in any way connected to the terrorists that flew the planes on, nor even was involved in the planning of, nor had given any funds to, the September 11 crimes.  We Americans all undeniably know "why" this one party of rule purposely lied, distorted, misdirected, and coerced us into the war with Iraq - Simple profits - Not for or to we the people, but to and for themselves, in the most despicable ways imaginable.
Enough of the truth of this has leaked out over the last couple of years, that there is no doubt that almost all of us Americans know this is true.

The effects, and affects, of the above facts?  Outside of the obvious theft of our treasury, the massive number of deaths and injuries - all done in "our" once good name...?

Known, and in the past heavily fined and punished, polluting corporations have been allowed to
put their own corrupt corporate officers and lobbyists, into positions of management, and control, of all of "our" federal regulatory agencies.  The very agencies that were created to "control and regulate" these corporation's abuses of the ethical treatment of their workers, the environments, and "our" federal treasury, that they "use" for obtaining profits.

Destruction of the rational Separation of Church and State.  The Founders, in the "wisdom" of experience, feared a "State supported religion," or "Faith Based Initiative," as much as they had feared the danger of a one party rule.

Americans, intelligence officers, military offices, and soldiers, are right now, torturing other humans. . .  In "our" names. . .  For what?  Tell me - For what?

Free-Speech-Zones.  There is not a single rational American, red or blue, that doesn't know how insanely wrong, not to mention just flat dangerous, this blatantly totalitarian safeguard is.  There is not a single rational American that doesn't know the real purpose for this being forced down all of our collective throats.  The destruction of any kind of dissent - Another concept that our Founders attempted to heavily protect, within our Constitution, a basic concept of a free nation, that this one party of rule has openly, blatantly, smirkingly, and successfully crushed - Not for "our" protection, but - and we all know this - for their own protection only.

Nothing I have listed here is new, or conjecture, or opinion, or theory. . .  It is a list of facts that all of us Americans already "know" is proven true.  There are so many more "knowns" that I could add to the list. . .  But you already "know" them - Don't you?


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