Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Let's Get This Straight. . .

Evolution Is A Fact, Not A Theory - How Evolution Works Is The Theory
by The Old Hippie Because The Arrogantly Ignorant Really Piss Me Off

If you do not understand the difference, and/or you don't really care, you are one of the truly arrogantly ignorant defined, and are a big part of America's problems today.

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Sorry - I've just gotten tired of explaining the difference, and then having it dismissed out-of-hand because of denial, or ideology-conflicts, or "I don't "believe" it," without knowledge, etcetera, etcetera. . .   etc. . .


At 6/22/2005 5:05 PM, Blogger Whatever said...

Oh, great point. You know what's sad? I wasn't raised Christian, basically atheist. It wasn't until IN school that anyone posed that idea to me. Funny. They think they're shutting out "all others", but speaking as one of those nonbelievers, it was only the scientific idea that "Well, this all *could* have been caused by God, we don't know that it wasn't. Something makes it all work, who's to say it isn't spiritual?" that gave their beliefs any validity at all, to me. Before that, I thought they were one and all rather stupid and simple.

Even in their attempts to overshadow, they undercut themselves.

I guess now I'm back to thinking they're stupid and simple, at least those that go for these horrific intrusions on learning and science.


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