Saturday, June 11, 2005

"Losing" Our Country. . . ?

No, Not Losing It - We've Already Lost It, By Any Real Measurement
by The Old Hippie Because The Reality Of It Really Pisses Me Off

Paul Krugman, in the New York Times says we are "Losing Our Country."  Mr. Krugman is an extremely knowledgeable economist, and presents informed commentary - But his article's title is wrong, it is in the present tense, as if the loss of the American middle class, and the post-Depression/post-WWII economic equality, still is happening, and that there is some of that America left.  That is wrong.  It is gone, as he states at the end of his second paragraph, "...that was another country.  The middle-class society I grew up in no longer exists."

Even though I think he mis-titled his article, I do agree with the entire content of the short article completely.  Like Mr. Krugman, I'm an American of that same post WWII/boomer generation.  Rather than economics, my education was in the sciences, (double-major, Zoology & Chemistry,) so my approach to politics over the last 35-40 years has been from a slightly different perspective.

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But we both, along with all of the reality-based Americans, have come to same conclusion, which he states clearly in his article, "Since 1980 in particular, U.S. government policies have consistently favored the wealthy at the expense of working families - and under the current administration, that favoritism has become extreme and relentless.  From tax cuts [15% of which goes to the top 1/10th of the top 1%] that favor the rich to bankruptcy "reform" that punishes the unlucky, almost every domestic policy seems intended to accelerate our march back to the robber baron era."

As he further states, "It's not a pretty picture - which is why right-wing partisans try so hard to discredit anyone who tries to explain to the public what's going on."

Most of us, myself included, are not gifted with Mr. Krugman's knowledge of economics, but thanks to the incredible arrogance, and corrupted incompetence of these thieves/robber barons in high places, it doesn't take a large brain to be able to see what has happened.  With the help of a corporately corrupted mainstream media, and the opportunistic manipulation of political apathy, ideological ignorance, and manufactured fear, we Americans, the large 95% of us, have been robbed blind of our money, and our liberties.  We have been purposely lied to, jerk around, and used, as "those few" smirked all the way to their off-shore banks.

And it really pisses me off that Americans, so far, are allowing them to get away with it.  And I admit that I simply do not know why.  Maybe denial is still the major controlling factor, the "it couldn't happen here" syndrome.

The American Constitutional Democracy still exist, in theory, but the reality is that America is now an enhanced corporatist/theocratic fascistic oligarchical plutocracy, protected from the masses by "changed," and corrupted, regulatory laws, and hastily enacted "Patriot Act" laws, or more succinctly, totalitarian safeguards.

Doesn't this reality piss you off, or maybe scare you more than the "terrorists?"


At 6/13/2005 8:47 AM, Blogger Whatever said...

Hi, I ran across your blog from another, like-minded blog,

Great writing, and I wanted to say yes, and yes. Really pisses me off that so many are falling for the lies. In the midwest, it's just friggin sick to watch it. And it's a lot scarier than terrorism. It's every other damn science fiction story I ever read on the subject of government-gone-bad. I feel powerless, I feel hopeless, and basically, feel like I don't know which way to run. And there's always a sad feeling for all these folks think won't see problems and dangers coming their way, and a lot of suffering from it. It's not just anger, it's deep sadness.

Great blog, thank you for it


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