Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tangents and other thoughts

Tangents and other thoughts.
by Doyle Watson on June 2, 2005 My personal thoughts, right or wrong!

I read the posts and listen to a multitude of different sources and all I see and hear is everyone passionately presenting their cases and of course everyone has evidence they say proves their case!

In reality who really cares?

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Everyone can present any subject to the general public and given the dumbing down of society through a substandard education system who can tell the difference?

I for one highly dislike the Government, Republican and Democrat alike, neither party has performed any miracles nor have they showed me that they can competently represent me.  City, County, State or Federal Governments are all corrupted by the power they yield.  I myself have been unable to find in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence any sentence which specifically states that there is suppose to be a separation of Church and State, (and I challenge anyone who reads this to prove me wrong), there is a reference that the Government may not force the Citizens of this Country to worship a particular religion, (this is my own interpretation, I can copy the exact writings if you all insist?), appears to me to be a tangent which has captured a number of peoples attention preventing them from focusing on issues which could do serious harm to the general citizenry’s health and wellbeing, both documents have been interpreted and everyone dictates and state what they feel or believe the Documents mean, in reality, both documents set down that our Fore Fathers wanted to put in writing what every Citizen in this Country’s rights were, neither Document grants any rights, these Documents also set forth that The Government is limited in what it can do and to ensure this there must be a separation between all three branches of Government ensuring that there is a checks and balances which has gone right out the window with a one Party control of all three branches.

Neither Party impresses me with their intelligence nor does the general public.  The citizens of this country do not have a grasp of the whole situation and will never obtain that grasp since they are unable to comprehend what is actually going on.

I guess in a way global warming, all the pollution, the diseases (cancer, aides, etc), the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, Terrorists, and Religious Radicals of all faiths, force reality upon us and that is not a very nice reality.  Death is wholly accepted by a lot of people and the listed realities are going to visit death upon us all.

I am aware that everyone reading this posting is probably saying to themselves by now that this is a really bleak outlook, at least that is a start, if people start recognizing this maybe everyone will stop going off on tangents and begin to make real and true changes.  A very good start would be to see a change in at least one of the branches of Government to the other party in 2006, another good start would be for everyone to begin learning, for everyone to go into life open to new ideas and willing to learn new things would go a long way towards solving a lot of this Countries problems, just the exercise of learning will set an individual apart from others, one may actually figure out a solution to a lot of this Countries problems, and eventually maybe the problems which plague a lot of the world.


At 6/08/2005 1:44 PM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

Doyle - Please listen to "Godless America" (one hour radio program out of Chicago by RealPlayer) - [Must listen to the whole hour Doyle :] - It will answer many of your tangents, particularly the Separation of Church and state and the Constitution remark.


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