Saturday, May 13, 2006

I Believe That. . .

Sometimes - I Hate Being Right - More Than I Hate Being Wrong.
by The Old Hippie Because - While I still Can Say It - This Has To Be Said.

I use to be a Republican.  It took the reality of the "slap in the face" by the Nixon Administration, after the Navy (mid '60s,) getting married, having a child, using the G.I. Bill, to finally be able to get an excellent education, (Zoology & Chemistry, Dental School (dropped out "in good standing" after 2 years,) spending every weekend with my son, plus large chunks of quality time with him throughout the year, (after the divorce.)  In other words, after I grew up. . .  I realized how wrong I was to support the slow corporate take over of my nation, which is what being a Republican causes one to do.  Which is more true today, than when I realized I was wrong.  My slow and awakening realization began two weeks after I voted to re-elect Nixon.

The anger and frustration of realizing that one's "heros" had lied, and deceived, and caused untold innocent deaths, all for nothing more than political gain, and "power," and wealth, was maddening, during the time of my transition from apathetic blind support, to "becoming aware" while finally digging-in and doing the research that my education had given me the ability to do.

Throughout all of history, as far back as the Roman Republic, entire civilizations, and nations, and governments, had successfully fought the encroaching controlling powers of corporations.  Then, in the 1886 Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Supreme Court case, everything changed.  Our nation allowed a court reporter, a sycophant of the corporations. . .

"...based on the Reporter's headnotes (and ignoring the actual ruling), subsequent Courts have expanded those human rights for corporations.  These now include the First Amendment human right of free speech (including corporate "speech" to influence politics - something that was a felony in most states prior to 1886), the Fourth Amendment human right to privacy (so a chemical company has successfully sued to prevent the EPA from performing surprise inspections - while retaining the right to perform surprise inspections of its own employees' bodily fluids and phone conversations), and the 14th Amendment right to live free of discrimination (using the free-the-slaves 14th Amendment, corporations have claimed discrimination to block local community efforts to pass "bad boy laws" or keep out predatory retailers)."  [A direct quote from above linked article.]

From that point on, it has been a downhill battle, and the corporations controlling powers have constantly gotten stronger.  Then, In 2001, this current administration, the corporations' power-profiteers' wet-dream came true, stepped into control of the wealthiest, most powerful military government in this planets history.

I began an email e-list, back in the '80s, to "spread the word" to family, friends, associates, of what I found in my research of the corporate "politics" effects and affects on our nation's, and the world's environment - Including the physical, social, and emotional "things" that I had been unaware of - And therefore, maybe the e-list members were also unaware of.  In the early-mid 90s I started my web site, and in late August of 2004 I started the Blog, both for the same reason, to spread my ability to "spread the word" to others.

With the research, and input from others, came findings which led to predictions and educated conjectures, that were at first worrisome, then scary, and finally horrifying - All of which I hoped I was really wrong about - But all of it has now come true, or at best, is on the cusp of becoming reality.  Our once great Constitutional Democracy is now but a shadow of what is was.  Our nation is now, or again at best, on the cusp of being, an opportunistic and insane corporatist, openly criminal, dangerously destructive, regime of "the few over the many."

I do hate that I, and others, were right all along.  Believe me - I wish I had been wrong.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Read through my Blog's postings - Let me know any fact I have wrong, with links to your sources of correction, and I will publicly apologize, and correct the facts, giving credit where credit is due.

If you hit me with sycophantic "troll bullshit," without reliable sources - I will delete your words.

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