Friday, January 09, 2009

Reality Links. . .

Some Have The Ability To See The Actual Reality - Here Are But A Few...
by The Old Hippie Because So Many Are Still ‘Allowing’ The Corporatist Lies...

  -  10 Absurd Conservative Myths About Obama's Recovery Plan
      Instead of taking accountability for this mess, conservatives are firing off the
      latest B.S. storm.  Here's what you need to know to fire back.  As usual, the
      conservatives have absolutely no conscience about what they did. . .

  -  “Centrist Cabinet, Progressive President?”
      Who found it more difficult to get excited about an Obama presidency, the
      Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) or the progressive wing of the party?

“These People Are Not Just Crooks And Liars.  They’re Also Insane.”
Only torture will save us from terrorists - Bill O’Reilly devoted another Talking Points Memo segment last night to his new pet thesis that Barack Obama is going to make the nation vulnerable to terrorist attack by taking torture off the table, and then brought Karl Rove on to back it all up...

“As long as the greatest crime of the 21st century remains unprosecuted,
we all...  can only blame ourselves, and deserve our collective fates.”

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A“Below The Fold” bonus Article -

Shell Game: It Will Take More Than Goodwill and Greenwash to Save The Biosphere

“Nor would Van der Veer give me a straight answer to another straight question: “Is there any investment you would not make on ethical grounds?”  I asked this six times.  He was unable to furnish me with an example.  It's not hard to see why.  As well as exploiting the tar sands, which means destroying forest and wetlands, polluting great quantities of water and producing more CO2 than conventional petroleum production, Shell is still flaring gas in Nigeria, at great cost to both local people and the global climate.  It has been fiercely criticised for its secret negotiations with the Iraqi government, which led last year to the first major access for a western company to Iraq’s gas reserves.  It is prospecting for oil in some of the Arctic’s most sensitive habitats.

All this makes my question difficult to answer.  Aside from the greenwash, it is not easy to spot the practical difference between this civilised, progressive company and the Neanderthals at Exxon.”


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