Friday, January 14, 2005

Don't Read This!

Especially You Convinced Red Americans, It'll Just Piss You Off...
To Be Shown In Stark Undeniable Undoctored, Unedited, Quotes From Your Patriotic, Honorable, Honest, Non-Greedy, Un-Criminal, Theocratic Corporatists Leaders, Just How Insanely Ignorant, Gullible, Manipulatable, And Truly Stupid They Know You Are... All Of You, Except Of Course The Ones Of You Who Are Convinced You Are Profiting From The, Now Obvious To Everyone, Lies, Distortions, Misdirections, Diversions, And Divisive Issues.  Direct Quotes - Please Don't Believe Me, I Am Your Enemy, I Am A Proud American Liberal That Knows America Has Done Good, And Bad, In All Of Our Names, I Do Hate Your Freedom Of Your Continued Ignorance, In The Face Of Truths, And I Hate You For What You Are Knowingly Doing To My Once Great Nation Through Your Continued Denial Of Your Ongoing Stupidity - I'd Say Look Up The Quotes Yourself, But I already Know, From All Of Your Past History, That You Will Not, You Fear The Truth Way Too Much, You Knowing The Complete Fools You Have Been Made By The People You Trusted The Most.

Here Is The Link To The Quotes - Seriously - Don't Read Them.

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I warned you. . .  Scary shit, huh?

What a tangled web they wove around all of the unnecessary destruction, and deaths.


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