Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Article. . .

A Single Article That Covers Its Subject Better Than Any other. . .
by By Christian Parenti, The Nation, April 24, 2008

What Nuclear Renaissance?

“If you listen to the rhetoric, nuclear power is back. Smashing atoms will replace burning carbon-based coal, gas and oil.  In the face of a disaster movie-like future of runaway climate change--bringing drought, floods, famine and social breakdown--carbon-free nukes are cast as the deus ex machina to save us at the last minute.”

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A “Below The Fold” Bonus - A bit of political humor by Mark Fiore. . .


At 5/01/2008 8:18 AM, Anonymous Menopausal Mick said...

Yeah, they're making a run a nuke power again...sigh...

Even among my family members, we had a spat about this recently. Don, our science geek, was adding it to his list of alternatives to oil/coal.

I had to remind him...er..umm... LOUDLY... of the waste disposal and probably my BIGGEST problem with nuclear power, human error.

I wonder why nobody talks of hydrogen power. The Europeans are working on a hydrogen powered vehicle. It runs on water.

Anyway, the alternatives that allow freedom from the grid get shoved to the wayside pretty quick. Solar is free/clean/plentiful. Gotta have the people paying at somebody's pump, dontcha know.

Yeah, I'm a big-time Solar proponent.

Where are all the hippies?

Menopausal Mick


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