Friday, May 16, 2008

Maybe, Finally, Some Justice?

Hopefully Only The Beginning Of Recovery The Checks And Balances?
by John Conyers, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, via The Crypt
Rep. John Conyers
United States Congessman
John Conyers, Jr.
Chairman of the House
Judiciary Committee

Just off the House floor today, the Crypt overheard House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers tell two other people: “We’re closing in on Rove.  Someone’s got to kick his ass.”

Asked a few minutes later for a more official explanation, Conyers told us that Rove has a week to appear before his committee.  If he doesn’t, said Conyers, “We’ll do what any self-respecting committee would do.  We’d hold him in contempt.  Either that or go and have him arrested.”

Conyers said the committee wants Rove to testify about his role in the imprisonment of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, among other things.

“We want him for so many things, it’s hard to keep track,” Conyers said.

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[ Also - for a further perspective...  Not only did you “allow” him to say it...
you then “allowed” him to get away with saying it. . .  and you then...
(to add even further injury to his insult...)  “allowed” him, and the-very-few, to prove it. ]

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,

It's just a goddamned piece of paper!”

George W. Bush

[For those who doubt he actually said it - Here is the quote’s verification link.]

Not to mention your “allowing” of, (and the getting away with of,) his/their help in the destruction of the Separation of Church and State, the creation of “Free-Speech Zones,” the illegal invasion of another nation that was of no threat to us or their neighbors, had not attacked us, and had nothing to do with those that had actually attacked us, the doing away with Habeas Corpus protections, the “legalization” of torture, and the unconscionable protection of corporate profits over all other concerns, including life itself. . .


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