Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just So You Understand...

The Sense That The Change, That Is Not Change... Is Real.
It’s Dressed Up Domestically, But Foreign Affairs-Wise It’s The Same Uniform.

Historically... empires, particularly imperialistic ones, like ‘our’ Pax Americana, have used two methods to keep the masses from fucking up their plans.  They either oppress/suppress them openly or subtly, (e.g. China, etc.,) -or- they make their masses feel ‘special/exceptional’ with controlled propaganda, (e.g. Fox News, Corporate media,) false praise, (e.g. Support the troops! [but cut their funding behind their backs,]) and false kindness, (e.g. no child left behind, but don't fund it in reality,) spending just enough of ‘their’ money on domestic false infrastructure goodies to calm the majority into apathy/complacency, (e.g. Germany, Britain, America.)

“Atlas Shrugged” was a novel of fiction, and wrong.  Ayn Rand was naively idealistic in her understanding of, comprehension of, the depth the darker side of the human capacity for greed to control their actions.  Every Administration since Eisenhower has proven it, but ignored the proof as it, sociopathic greed, grew in power, culminating in the Bush administration’s greed-driven deregulation frenzy, and the final full-throttle take-over of ‘our’ federal regulatory agencies with the-very-few’s collaborators and sycophants.

You want proof of how bad it really is?

The obvious propagandists like Fox, the Hannitys’, Limbaughs’, Coulters’ are still allowed to be in the ‘mainstream’ media... ‘with respect.’

The Pentagon openly, publicly, admits to killing eight prisoners using torture, and Pax Americana collectively shrugs their shoulders.  They are still torturing humans in many of our prisons, (the not so secret “secret prisons” now,) around the planet, this torturing includes children - Children - Yet Pax Americana does nothing to stop them, even knowing it accomplishes nothing.  In fact, not stopping it even knowing it has been proven multiple times, in multiple ways, that torture only makes intel less accurate and reliable.

There are 761 ‘known’ Pax Americana military bases stretching around the planet, that ‘our’ mainstream corporate media completely, and purposefully, ignores.  Those bases are not where they are for the American massess’ security-needs.  They exist solely for greed-needs of the corporatists', (the-very-few.)  Unlike Ayn Rand, Gen. Butler was right.

But yet - When Obama wins, Pax Americana thinks alls well that ends well...

The Obama Administration, (fast proving to be the corporatists’ wet-dream of an ‘opposing’ administration, foreign affaires-wise,) says “don't look back” - Political-speak for we are not going to prosecute... Cheney openly, sneeringly, confesses to several crimes, but is confident his crimes will be allowed by the complacent masses.


Just so you understand...

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