Thursday, July 08, 2004

What Has Been Wrought. . .


"Indeed, many Americans feel acutely that the country is under
constant threat of attack by its enemies and is misunderstood and
unfairly criticized by ungrateful former allies. For this growing
segment of U.S. society, the rational response is to give up on a
global community that has seemingly given up on the United States
and act unilaterally to preserve U.S. national interests abroad
and security at home before it's too late."

- - Rudyard Griffiths -
"My Five Minutes on Fox" - July 16 ,2004


U.S. House Wants Aid Cut To Countries That Hand Americans
To War Crime Courts
CBC News - July 18, 2004 -

Washington (AP) - U.S. economic aid could only flow to countries
that have agreed not to surrender Americans to a world court for
prosecution of war crimes, under a measure the U.S. House of
Representatives approved Thursday.

The 241-166 vote by the Republican-controlled chamber expanded the
current prohibition on military aid to such countries.

The target of the amendment was the International Criminal Court,
which began operating last year in The Hague, Netherlands. . . . . . .

[ Full Original Article Link Here ]


Let's Sum-Up What "They" Have Accomplished In Three Years. . .
[ "They" being this current one-party-rule administration. ]

They have almost completely destroyed all the Checks & Balances
that had protected this Constitutional Democracy for 225 years,
and have successfully instilled one-party-rule.

They have placed into power, within all of the Federal Regulatory
Agencies, persons who are successfully destroying the regulations
that took this Democracy 225 years to put in place, that governed
their corporations abuses of people and environments.

They have successfully all but destroyed the important basic tenet
of the Separation of Church and State, and have also successfully
convinced most Americans that our nation's Founders were of the
Christian faith, when in fact they were Deists, not Christians.

They have just recently, successfully made it "against the law" for
any federal employee to request that the United Nations formally
observe the U.S. elections on Nov. 2. [ Rep. Steve Buyer, R-Ind.,
proposed a measure barring any federal official from requesting
that the United Nations formally observe the U.S. elections on
Nov. 2. His proposal was approved 243-161 as an amendment to
a $19.4 billion foreign aid bill, with 33 Democrats joining all
210 voting Republicans in voting "yes." ]

They have successfully, and purposely, instilled a privatized and
corporately corrupt voting system for national Federal elections.

They have successfully gotten Americans to allow, and accept,
the incredible concept of "Free-Speech Zones."

They have successfully taken over, gotten control of, or cowed,
almost all of the media in the United States.

They have successfully, as pointed out by the Red Cross, created
a network of secret military prisons, and have openly approved a
policy of torture within those prisons - Torture - and successfully
stopped Americans, or anyone else, from stopping them doing so,
even to children - Children - [See this video link starting around
1:06 into it, and particularly the remarks starting at about 1:30.]

So - They are no longer answerable to anyone, not even Americans,
which they can, and do, now censure and censor [See this link to a
forum discussion concerning Rep. Corrine Brown's recent censure. ]
and now, as Americans begin to awaken to the reality of what has
been wrought by this corrupt corporatist bunch within the last three
years, as their polls begin to drop, and as they become even more
dangerously desperate to hold onto power/profits/ideology -

They finally, they have already successfully started the propaganda
to, "threaten" to postpone, or even cancel, the presidential election.

In less than 3-1/2 months, most likely before the actual election,
we, and the world, will know if the American Democracy still exist.

I did not vote for, nor even like, Reagan, but he was correct when
he said. . . "Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one
generation away from extinction."


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