Monday, March 11, 2013

Best Article of the Month.

Three Democratic Myths Used to Demean the Paul Filibuster
by Glenn Greenwald - March 10, 2013

“For the first time since the 9/11 attack, even lowly cable news shows were forced -
by the Paul filibuster - to extensively discuss the government's extremist theories of
power and to debate the need for checks and limits.

All of this put Democrats - who spent eight years flamboyantly pretending to be
champions of due process and opponents of mass secrecy and executive power
abuses - in a very uncomfortable position.”

by Jim Morin

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As always with, this article is a damn good read,
and an excellent perspective of our shared Pax Americana reality.

Have you noticed how many articles I link from
It's because they do an excellent job of allowing truth to be authority,
rather than like FOX, where authority is manipulatively displayed as truth.

And like Alternet, DemocracyNow!, Truthdig, et al, the "Comments" section
is quite often as enlightening as the article’s themselves, sometimes even more so.

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