Friday, April 18, 2014

This Is Now Our 'American' Reality...

The Middle Class is not “Normal”
by Thom Hartmann - April 16, 2014

There’s nothing “normal” about having a middle class.  Having a middle class is a choice that a society has to make, and it’s a choice we need to make again in this generation, if we want to stop the destruction of the remnants of the last generation's middle class.  Despite what you might read in the Wall Street Journal or see on Fox News, capitalism is not an economic system that produces a middle class.  In fact, if left to its own devices, capitalism tends towards vast levels of inequality and monopoly.  The natural and most stable state of capitalism actually looks a lot like the Victorian England depicted in Charles Dickens’ novels.

by Lee Judge
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As always with Thom Hartmann, this article is a damn good read,
and an excellent perspective of our shared Pax Americana reality.

Have you noticed how many articles I link from Thom Hartmann?
It's because he does an excellent job of allowing truth to be authority, rather
than like FOX/MSM, where authority is manipulatively displayed as truth.

And like Alternet, Truthdig, Commondreams, et al, the "Comments" section is
quite often as enlightening as the article’s themselves, sometimes even more so.

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