Friday, April 06, 2012

As A Retiree. . .

I Went Back To College.  I Know This Article Is Accurate.
by Noam Chomsky, Apr. 4, 2012 via

Chomsky: How the Young Are Indoctrinated to Obey

“The EPI study observes that the “Failure of Design” is class-based.  For the designers, it has been a stunning success, as revealed by the astonishing concentration of wealth in the top 1 percent, in fact the top 0.1 percent, while the majority has been reduced to virtual stagnation or decline.

In short, when they have the opportunity, “the Masters of Mankind” pursue their “vile maxim” all for ourselves and nothing for other people,” as Adam Smith explained long ago.”

by Lee Judge

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I know that this article is dead on accurate, as I went back to college in the fall of 2011.  It is more than just an article, it is a warning of what has already come to be reality.

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