Monday, February 17, 2014

Not That It Matters Anymore...

The Ramifications Of Your “Allowing” Become Clearer Each Day. . .
To All You Allowers, Who Rebel Against Rebellion, In The Face Of Destruction... Fuck You.

Drone Killing the Fifth Amendment
(How to Build a Post-Constitutional America.)

The Gravitational Pull of Planet Carbon
(Big Oil is Winning)

Lying to Survive at the Air Force Academy:
(An Open Letter to Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson.)

Our Sinister Dual State
(There is no legal check on power.)

America’s ‘We’ Problem
(“Why should we pay for them?”)

26% of Americans Do Not Know the Earth revolves around the Sun!

by Matt Bors

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Cynical?  You Bet ya.  Could anyone sane, today, be any other way?

by Lauren McCauley at

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